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How To Get Consistent Leads For Your Pool Business Without Paid Ads

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What if every time you handed out a card or brochure, the prospective client was not only willing, but also excited to give you their contact details in exchange?

Now that would be a powerful tool to have in your business, that’s what Easy Pool Plans does for your Pool Business. It’s a significant tool to help to pool businesses like yours.

We believe the following 10 points is a meaningful solution for dealing with new customers, with a goal of making the ones you choose to deal with your clients, and even the ones you don’t choose to deal with, rave about your business to their friends.

The 10 point Solution…

  1. Easy Pool Plans free concept plan downloads are like a business card/brochure for your business with your logo and your contact details on them for future reference.
  2. When they click on the Free download Link of one of your plans, they will happily give you their contact details in return
  3. You’ll get an accurate picture of who visits your website, where they live, and their contact details.
  4. You’ll know the style trend of pool area they are leaning towards.
  5. If you need more pool projects to build, you can reach out to them.
  6. If you are too busy to call them, they can reach out to you when they are ready to build a pool.
  7. If you chose the option to utilise our templates and proven sales system, when you visit their property, the sales process can be systemised and streamlined, often resulting in a signed agreement to progress further, even during that first visit. Which can mean a lot of extra profit made easily and speedily.
  8. The process is easy to repeat, so you can expand your business easily and add more people to your team with minimal training. It also makes your business easier to sell because it is systemised and can be easily expanded.
  9. Your professionalism will stand out like a shining light among the other pool builders in your area.
  10. The whole system can be structured and automatic, you can customise it to suit your selling style. It can make your sales soar, or simply just speed up the sales process, saving you time, but most importantly, freeing up your life.

The Result…

You’ll get your life back! …and you will keep your good reputation as a professional provider in the industry as well as the luxury of being the number one ‘go to’ business in the geographical areas you serve.

A world class system to keep you at the top of the heap … And enjoying life!

The Toolkit has 3 major components which can be purchased separately …or together as a package

  1. An irresistible offer of getting professionally designed pool plans, instantly and for free, via a link on your website.
  2. To compliment the link above we can offer you the option of clear ‘see through’ pool templates so that your site visits are structured and streamlined and professional. We can also offer you, ‘done for you’ paperwork to back up your existing systems and make your business easier, leaner and more structured.
  3. Another option we offer (and this is the icing on the cake) is systems training and sales and marketing training all set out neatly in a fully tabbed manual for quick reference, including templates and price lists that you can edit to suit your business, all this is supported by tutorial videos, as well as roughly 4 hours of audio. All this work has been done behind the scenes in order to help you make profitable sales, on your terms, often on the first visit!

‘A good System will always outsell a good sales person’ … and make you more money!

In short, the Pool Builders Sales & Marketing Toolkit, will PAY for itself over and over in helping you to EARN MORE, get back control of your TIME, and get your LIFE back.

     Neville Cox 

Easy Pool Plans Founder with over 40 years experience in the industry, a designer of over 80 AWARD WINNING projects, and is a Marketing and Business Systems Expert.

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