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Introducing the Pool Builders Sales & Marketing Toolkit – Business System

World class systems to keep you at the top of the heap … And enjoying life!

Using the Easy Pool Plans systems will not only help you to service your customers better, but they will give you extra time for yourself and your family, and can give you your life back!

Are you open to consider slight changes to your current way of doing business that could reap you the benefits mentioned above, which could also mean financial benefits for you into the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, at very little cost to you?

  • If you’re busy, would you like to service your prospective clients automatically?
  • If you’re not busy, would you like more prospective clients?
  • Even if you are happy with the way things are in your business now, wouldn’t you owe it to yourself to check this out? Sometimes, a new perspective can reveal hidden untapped gold, already in your business.

We have step by step, proven systems, to get you from the initial enquiry until an agreement is reached between you and prospective clients, a lot FASTER and even more PROFESSIONAL!  Even if you are great at sales now…

‘A good System will always outsell a good sales person’

When these Easy Pool Plan systems are used correctly you can even survive a recession, but also have full control when you have a surge in business activity. Just like turning a tap on and off.

  • Being represented on this website is just one of the many aspects of this incredible business system.

Hi, I am Neville Cox, I have been at the leading edge of the swimming pool building industry for over 40 years. During that time, I have designed, built, and landscaped hundreds of pools, I have won pool builder of the year, and have designed and sold over 80 award winning projects. But I could not of achieved such things without good systems and the necessary marketing in place.

I was floundering in the early days living from week to week, competing on price with other pool builders, and I could never understand how they kept going with such low margins, if any, because it was a big struggle to match their prices. Can you relate to that?

I realised very quickly things had to change. Surprisingly, the change was within my own headspace, I had everything in place, I just needed help to believe in my product and be able to get my clients as excited about my product as I was, only then would any competition fade into the background. I could never have achieved this without the generous help I received from one of Australia’s leading small business marketing experts, Chris Newton.

From very early on, Chris shared with me the tools that helped me see my real worth and consistently win high end projects. We immediately had a deep respect for each others skills and became friends, and ever since that day, my individual project sales all of a sudden were on average 3-5 times the average pool builders contract value, I built less pools, my margins were slightly higher, and the projects were amazing pieces of artwork that gave everyone involved a sense of pride. I was less stressed, and the owners spoke so highly of our achievements in their back yards, that I consistently had a 12 month waiting list, and this happened even through economic recessions in Australia.

And now, I have collaborated together with Chris again to give back to the industry that has served me so well. I am now ready to share the secrets (they are actually within your easy grasp) that have made me an above average income in approximately half the working time of my contemporaries. Personally, I have always used that leverage to concentrate on more important things in life, while only working a few days a week.

If you would like to enjoy a similar outcome, or use my systems to get, and control more business, I have put these proven systems together in one very attractive ‘all inclusive’ package – the Easy Pool Plans – Pool Builders Sales & Marketing Toolkit, which includes our amazing Lead Funnel. Nothing like this has been offered to the swimming pool industry, EVER!

But be warned, I am fussy as to whom I allow to use my systems, you must be great at what you do but also be willing, if needed, to adjust to some changes in the way you operate now, mind you, they are only slight changes, but they make an incredible difference to your consumer relations and to your bottom line profits.

If after getting our brochure and looking at the systems, and then being approved to take it on, you can use the Easy Pool Plans – Pool Builders Sales & Marketing Toolkit including our amazing Lead Funnel to slow down and still make a great income, or use it to ramp up your business to new heights. The choice is yours.

In short, the Pool Builders Sales & Marketing Toolkit, will PAY for itself over and over in helping you to EARN MORE, get back control of your TIME, and get your LIFE back.

     Neville Cox 

Easy Pool Plans Founder with over 40 years experience in the industry, a designer of over 80 AWARD WINNING projects, and is a Marketing Systems Expert.

If this interests you, drop us a line or simply fill out this form with as much information as you wish. And we’ll be in touch. If after that chat, we both think it will work for you, we can send you the 20 page information book that explains all the ins and outs of how the various systems will work for you in your business, and then we can talk further about how we might be able to work together.

(Because of it’s exclusivity, depending on the size of the city or area that you live in, only 1 pool builder may get to use our system in a given area, in which case you could miss out if you don’t enquire early … just saying that we prefer quality over quantity when it comes to whom we choose to take on our product )

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