About Us

Coming from a building background, Founder and owner of Easy Pool Plans, Neville Cox, has had over 40 years experience in the swimming pool industry, both as a builder and as a designer. His original pool company, based in Brisbane, won the title of Queenslands best pool builder in the early 90’s, and he also was one of the first pool builders in Australia to incorporate pools and landscaping together into total packages for home owners. In recent decades he has established himself as a leading designer in the industry, being responsible for designing over 80 Award Winning Pool Areas, and is still actively designing for private clients.

Over 80 award winning pool areas have been designed by Neville Cox, the creator of the concept pool designs on the Easy Pool Plans website, we hope you take advantage of the service we provide, in giving you great ides for your pool area for free.

As for Easy Pool Plans, it was created first and foremost, to provide a Free Plan Service for people who wanted to get some ideas of what may be a suitable shape for their property and to give them some idea of what they could do with that shape.

But then we saw the need to answer a much asked question… “Where can I find a Pool Builder, Landscaper, or Home Builder that also build pools who is reputable and professional, and who has a flair for creativity and craftsmanship?”

It’s a great question. Over many years in, and being associated with the building industry, we have been asked that question countless times.

The challenge is, there are thousands of builders ‘out there’ claiming to be excellent at building pools, renovations, homes, landscaping and the like…

And to complicate matters, there are tradie directory websites that boast having TENS of thousands of ‘tradies’…

How can you possibly choose the right contractor from thousands from a directory? Especially to find someone who fits the description above of being reputable and professional, and who has a flair for creativity and craftsmanship in building EXACTLY what you want. That’s surely worse than finding a needle in a haystack.

Here is a brief overview of how we have done our very best to answer the challenge…

  • We Showcase only a limited number of professionals.
  • Most have purchased our course in customer relations and care, which promotes professionalism in all aspects of doing business.
  • As an advertiser, and in harmony with the customer care training we offer, they have promised us to contact you promptly when you enquire, or at least return calls as soon as reasonable if they are busy and unavailable at the time you enquire.
  • If you ask us, we can try to match a contractor to your type of project to save you some precious time, we can even give you some help with a bespoke concept design if it is possible to do so because of long distance etc… but usually that can be overcome by using modern technology.
  • Along with a good design and planing beforehand, getting a shortlist of great contractors to give you a proposal can save you a lot of time and in most cases, get you better value for money, and most likely, a better outcome.

Easy Pool Plans is, in nearly all cases, is a very good answer. And at the very least, you can download one of our designs and show it to your existing preferred contractor to get the creative juices flowing and be well on the way to ending up with a great result.

We can’t overestimate the importance of 1/ choosing the right design, and 2/ choosing the right contractor. Getting it WRONG in just one of these two areas can not only be expensive and frustrating, the end result may actually devalue your property instead of enhancing it. (We hear horror stories all the time, and we are sure you have heard some horror stories as well.)

Now having said that, naturally the final choice of builder, landscaper, pool builder, etc is your responsibility. Our aim is simply to provide you with some free concept plans to get you thinking of the possibilities, and a valuable shortlist of services to help you with your decision if we have them in your area.

In fact, to help you create your own personal ‘shortlist’ of contractors you want to talk with, we’ve gone the extra mile for you by giving our advertisers the opportunity to put together information about themselves, about how they work, and about their projects. Most of them, at our request, have supplied lots of photos, detailed explanations, and in some cases, video of themselves explaining their craftsmanship. With all this homework done for you, you can get to know a great deal about the builders in the privacy of your own home, even before you pick up the phone to call them, or submit your enquiry.

We know you’ll enjoy the process of discovering the facts in such a dynamic way, and creating your own ‘shortlist’ of contractors to talk to.