There’s any number of sites offering Building and Tradie Services. Why is Easy Pool Plans any different?

It’s true. There are lots of websites out there listing tradies and businesses for you to choose from. Sometimes listing a mindboggling thirty or forty thousand contractors.

For the most part, the process is that tradies get to bid for access to your details without even checking if you are suited.

In contrast, with Easy pool Plans, before you make contact with a contractor, you get to look at a ‘showcase’ of their work, read testimonials from their past clients, and ‘get to know the builder’, in some cases via a short video introduction they put up on our site.

In short, you will know a whole lot about them prior to their visit, and that will help you to be 100% comfortable with your choice. Some of them subscribe to our free plan downloads which builds even more trust before they come and visit your site for that initial chat to see if you both want to work together on your project.

Hence we don’t boast thousands of contractors and never will, because we want to focus on quality not quantity.

Are the businesses represented on our site the top providers in the industry?

Businesses that apply to ‘showcase’ their work on Easy Pool Plans tend to represent the top 20% of contractors and suppliers in the industry.

By the very fact that they invest to be on our site, they want to set themselves apart as businesses that care about you.

That’s because nearly all contractors represented in a ‘showcase’, or featured on our ‘Approved Free Plan Supplier’ list has been through our customer service excellence course material. This is a further assurance you’ll get the best service and the best advice possible.

Of course, as with any major project, the final decision as to whom you engage for your project is entirely yours, and you make that choice without obligation or pressure.

In short, Easy Pool Plans simply provides you with a quality shortlist of carefully profiled business service providers from which you get to choose. In turn we would hope that gives you some extra peace of mind and confidence.

What expectations have we set for those members showcased on our site?

Our builder or tradie ‘showcase’ members undertake to return your calls promptly, take the time to listen to what you want, and build an open and honest relationship with you.

And importantly, to advise you with your interests at heart as to whether the services they provide are a ‘perfect match’ for you.

To the best of our ability, we attract only experts who are brilliant at what they do.